Writing a blog for Small Business Saturday?


As a guide our blog posts are around 500 words plus the author bio at the end. We use up to 3 pictures (normally one is a logo or author headshot) and whilst we don’t pay for articles (we are a non–profit) we do share on our social media sites Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We are open to any topics that you feel may be relevant to our readers (Small businesses) and you feel confident writing about. We normally post 2 different types of content.


These are normally top tips, articles from experts in a certain field or guides to achieving something in your business that other small businesses would find useful i.e ‘How to run a corporate event’

Case Study

These are normally slightly more informal and can be shorter if wished. Sometimes they can be Q&A sessions if this suits the company/author more.

We look for positive stories, triumph through adversity, unique career changes or success/growth pieces with an aim to inspire others.

With any submissions we need the following info:

  • Good quality article (around 500 words) – please ensure that this has been proofed and is ready to publish
  • Clear Images (up to 3)
  • Author details and bio
  • Social media handles for promotion
  • Website link of your company

Still want to go ahead? The please email your completed work to [email protected]. Please note that due to the volume that we receive there are no guarantees that your post will be published and in terms of timelines we normally schedule up to 2–3 months in advance.