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Ideas and Innovation Dens: help tease out those great ideas and turn them into reality faster.

Thursday, November 24 at 10:00

Several months ago I got invited to contribute business expertise to a local radio station, providing views from a small and micro business perspective on some shows. This was and continues to be a ‘calorie-burning’ experience, not least as we now do a 3 hour live show on the first Friday of every month and at some other times. I have now progressed, quite by accident, to seemingly becoming the stations ‘business guru’?!  Our small and micro business world is different isn’t it and listeners seem to appreciate hearing tips and ideas from real local people, that they can definitely relate to and share their progression. Fascinating real life tips and experiences are always shared.Whilst there is an enormous amount of help around to develop products and companies, it soon became apparent that there are also a huge number of ‘ideas in peoples heads’ for new products, services or even new companies, that never get turned into reality. There could be many reasons why.So our challenge with the Ideas and Innovation Dens is to tease these out by offering something different.  Perhaps the thought of a ‘dragons den’ or corporate pitch with a full business plan, to be dissected and analysed, is just too scary?  Perhaps an individual or a company, has some great ideas that they would be prepared to confidentially discuss with my carefully selected group of private industry business owners, who truly understand what it takes to operate small, medium or even large businesses, and introduce new products on a daily basis, because that’s what we do? Would it be a good idea to also get the input of other public partners to fast-track help and funding too?I also believe that these ideas and stories about how we turn them into profitable reality, will make really interesting news and that’s why we are also hoping to turn the best ones into some more radio shows.This is a snapshot of our current ‘Ideas and Innovation Dens’ package.They will be available on-going for several months through an application form from [email protected] or [email protected], but a great way to experience it all is as part of a package of help and assistance for Small Business Saturday, or ‘Small Business week,’ as it will be in Dudley, West Midlands.Our ‘Ideas and Innovation Dens’ or simply drop-in business advice clinics are scheduled for:Halesowen Library -  Monday 28th November  10am-1pmDudley Library - Tuesday 29th November  10am - 1 pmNetherton Savoy Centre - Wednesday 30th November 10am-1 pmBrierley Hill Library - Thursday 1st December 10am - 1 pmStourbridge Library - Friday 2nd December 10am - 1 pmWith fantastic support from Steve Parker ICD, Dudley Metropolitan Council, Dudley Business First, ‘Business starts here’, Black Country Radio and other local business start-up providers, there is no better way to kick-start your idea.

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