Case Studies

Mossley - Complete Forensics

Friday, January 23 at 11:19

Complete Forensics decided to share our Small Business Saturday UK by opening up our doors to local business in Mossley Greater Manchester. We we had a super turn out and a great day for trade and networking.View some pictures HERE
"The event I went to hosted by Gary, Howard, Lyla Stevens and the other guys of Complete forensics was different to most I have heard of they invited all small businesses in the area to get together and invited the public to come and meet us all in one place. This gave us a chance to network and bounce idea's of each other on how best to achieve our long term goals and not just concentrate on one days sales. It was good to put faces to some of the people behind our local businesses and meet up with members of the public who will one day be future customers!"By Gary Howard of Complete Forensics 

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