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5 minute interview with Nick Entwistle from One Minute Briefs

Thursday, September 14 at 06:50

We sat down with one of our Smalbiz100 this year, Nick Entwistle from One Minute Briefs  to learn about what makes the perfect pitch, how to get your story across when speaking and learn about his journey to becoming a successful business. 
What inspired you to start your business?  
The great thing about OMB is that it never started as a business. It turned into one. 
It began by generating and sharing quick thoughts and that has always remained true through all of the changes in the past few years. As the business has grown, it's the people and social community we have built that inspires me to keep growing it every day. 
What was your biggest challenge when starting your business?  
The biggest challenge is to commercialise something that didn't start that way without alienating your audience. 
That's why I always look to reward our following as much as possible for their continued involvement. That is absolutely key to maintaining the integrity of One Minute Briefs. 
What are your top tips on the perfect pitch? 
Standing out. Being different to the next person is extremely important. The work quality has to match but you need to have an edge over your competition. 
What advice would you give someone nervous about pitching?  
Make sure you are passionate about your ideas. Tell great stories associated with the content of your pitch and be yourself. 
Who would you most like pitch to?  
Dragon's Den. 
About One Minute Briefs:  
One Rule. One Minute. Create an ad. 
We promote brands and causes via social media by challenging our creative community on Twitter to respond to a brief in One Minute and reward the best ideas. When they publish their ideas, they are shared by ourselves and their followers which creates a snowball effect generating hundreds of thousands of impressions per day which is all positive advertising content for the client. This enables the brand to engage with a large audience very quickly and cost effectively. It is also a great tool for educational workshops, talks, events and is a popular social network for the creative industry. 

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