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Small Business Champion Series from Rich Brady...Putting the Family into Family Business

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 15:54

So, I’m here to talk toyou about why I want to be a small business champion. I truly believe thateverybody should be able to put their family first and not be a slave to their business.
When you first start out,embarking on that business owner journey, you kind of think, “Well, yeah, Ihave to put some hard hours in initially”. You work tons and tons ofhours, but it’s okay. Eventually, you’ll be sosuccessful that you’ll have lots and lots of free time to with your partner,the kids, parents. Even the dog!
That’s notwhat happens.
You start off on thatjourney, and you put all those hours in, and then the business reaches criticalmass. You’re generatingrevenue, but you spend almost every waking hour on it.
When you’re not in theoffice or doing the thing that you do, you’re thinking about it. All the time. Then add in social media,emails, networking and accountancy…
It neverstops!
There’s money coming in,but not enough for help. You're thinking “I’m notgoing to spend 200 quid on outsourcing this, I’m can do that myself.” You’re saving cash, butlosing time. The one thing you cannot buy! I see this happen toquite a lot… My parents still do it. Now you’re just busy allthe time, you’re getting stressed and maybe a little scared. Ultimately, you’re notspending the quality time with loved ones. The very reason youstarted on this journey.
What is myrole as a small business champion?
I want to help you putyour family first. It’s something that I dofor myself. I help my team do it andwe are doing it more and more for our clients and customers. I’m taking my passion forputting families first and partnering with Small Business Saturday UK. We’re going to help you. We are working on aseries of videos and blogs that are going to free up some of your time, so youcan prioritise your family again.
Imagine thefuture
I want you to think abouthow it would feel to spend more quality time with the people that you love. At the same time, you aregoing to grow a successful business. Can you picture it? That’s the ultimate aim,right? That is what I’m going tohelp you with.
What’s thetrick?
We will go into specificdetails as the weeks unfold, but basically, you’ve gotta be more organized. Laser-focused! By being moreorganised and scheduling my time I’ve been able to prioritize my family. I’ve also cut a lot ofmeaningless distraction out of my life too. I was able to do thatlong before I had a team working with me. In fact, I had to. I’m anatural magpie. Flitting from one newidea to another and it means the business coasted for a while. These techniques can beused by everyone. Even if it is just you. You don’t need a big teamaround you to start spending more time with your family.Rich Brady will be posting regularly with his hints and tips - do keep an eye on social media and here on the blog for more Rich-ness.To hear directly from Rich, pop over to our Facebook page now for his first video.About the Author:Rich Brady is Managing Director of Brady Global Ltd, and a Champion for Small Businesses both in his home of North Wales and across the UK. Rich is a SmallBiz100 Alumni and a passionate advocate for putting the family into family business.


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