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Small Business Spotlight - How Technology Can Help Small Businesses

Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 08:34

Advance business analytics were once onlyavailable to the business giants of the high street and remained somethingsmall businesses could only dream of, but new technology is changing all that,and now the ‘little guy’ is just as well equipped as the retail titans toanalyse every aspect of their business and get the insight they need to maketheir businesses perform better than ever.
We’ve caught up with two small businesses whohave used this technology to improve their sales and even their health.
FlowerGirl London
Sam Jennings runs Flower Girl London from thecorner of a busy South London train station.
Originally operating from 11am – 8pm, the longhours were doing little good for Sam.After making the switch from a cash-only business to one that operates with anEPOS, Sam couldtrackher sales per hour and discovered that the morning rarely bought inmany customers. Changing her hours to 3pm – 8pm, Sam now works less whilemaking more money and has more time to rest and relax. It also means she hasmore energy for big weekend jobs like weddings and events.
This small change that has helped Sam takebetter care of her health and enjoy better sales would never have happenedwithout technology lending a helping hand, as Sam herself says, “It’s great…howtechnology can help even the smallest of businesses to be more efficient.”
A good analytics system can help smallbusinesses get a better understanding of their sales, but for those businessowners who prefer to be far more precise, it can even help with interiordesign, as Andy, owner of Wookey Hub, discovered.
A café and grocery store set in Wookey,Somerset, Wookey Hub was subject to Andy’s crisp experimentation earlier thisyear. Having gained the technology he needed to track his sales on an item by item basis, Andywas able to pinpoint precisely which position in the store raised his crispsales. Over the course of a month, Wooky Hub homed a very active crisp stand,which Andy moved to different positions seeking the spot that got the bestcustomer sales.
It’s the sort of marketing precision that wouldhave relied on guesswork without the right technology, and now Andy can enjoyan unrivalled insight to his sales trends and, of course, better crisp sales! Find out more at 


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