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Communication is key

Wednesday, August 31 at 13:33

Point of Sale display manufacturer Wrights GPX offer some advice for retailers on maximising the Small Business Saturday effect!As we enter September, Small Business Saturday looks a long way off. But retailers know how fast the selling year goes by and that planning is key to success. Now seems a good time to plan to turn the additional interest that Small Business Saturday will generate into more sales on the day and for the future.If we had one piece of advice based on our almost 50 years in retail display, POS (point of sale) and POP (point of purchase) it is that clear communication is essential if you want to turn interest into sales, visitors into customers and first timers into loyal brand evangelists.And with online research fuelling buying decisions, clear communication in-store has never been more important. Of course communication covers many sins. Perhaps the most important is how you and the team communicate with customers. This interaction will be the customer’s most important brand ‘touch point’.Is your team ready for Small Business Saturday? Do they know what it is, why it came about and how it can benefit your customers? If you have any offers, deals or discounts related to the event, are the team clear about them and how best to introduce them? And how are the team’s non-verbal communications? Are they dressed appropriately? Are they exuding energy and enthusiasm? Are they smiling?How are you communicating your involvement with Small Business Saturday? There are lots of ways to do it. Have you spoken to local press to brief them about your involvement? Have you tweeted and Posted? And for passing trade? Make the most of your window display, A-boards and external opportunities. Print is getting cheaper and cheaper so a leaflet drop in the area can be very cost-effective!Why not create an offer for Small Business Saturday? Whatever the offer is it, it won’t be effective if you don’t shout about it. Again, social media has a role to play but in-store promotion is just as important. Use poster holders, sign holders, table talkers and shelf barkers to ensure all your printed communications stay smart and get noticed.You should also use these everyday communications to build brand. Whether you trade on your style, humour, sense of community, commitment to the environment or having the lowest prices in town these values need to be reinforced at every opportunity. And you need a strategy to turn those first time visitors that Small Business Saturday bring into loyal returning customers.  Think loyalty cards or sign ups to social media or newsletters. These might need incentivising – put all those who sign up on Small Business Saturday into a prize draw, for example – and again they will certainly need to be communicated.We wish everyone all the best forSmall Business Saturday!

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