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Fully Funded Essential Management Skills Training

Monday, October 31 at 11:25

You may be thinking, ‘Why do I need management skills training?’ I’ll get straight to the point.Here are 5 simple reasons:1. An employee’s relationship with their manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement and business growth. High performing skilled managers make the difference! Engaged employees are happier and more productive. Disengaged employees are frustrated and more disruptive.2. Because there’s no agreed skill set for management (good managers come in all shapes and sizes), there’s an assumption everyone knows how to do it. This is like someone who’s never driven a car before being given keys and told, “Drive!”3. The basics of good management: communication, setting targets, managing people performance, giving honest feedback and, most importantly, managing your time effectively and efficiently and good delegation. These skills aren’t rocket science. In fact, they’re way easier than rocket science.  Which is why companies should get them right.4. Respected, well-trained managers boost morale. Improved morale boosts business growth. We all know the expense of a slump in business and the damage this can do to team morale.5. Bad PR! If it should happen, the buck stops with the incompetent managers.A free course for small businesses in and around Greater ManchesterTotal Excellence Centre are offering a fantastic opportunity to take part in a fully funded, highly participative, 2 day course for Essential Management Skills. This is valued at £1000.00.This programme is for B2B, Retail and B2C businesses. The programme is designed to develop your management & leadership skills and capabilities, to support future business growth.Using a blend of theory, interactive group exercises, reflective and collaborative learning and case studies, we will look at a combination of skills and behaviours designed to increase your confidence. This will help you to become a more effective manager and leader.Do you meet the qualifying criteria? Please check the points below:
  • Business that are looking to increase their turnover and/or the number of employees 
  • Is based with Greater Manchester (and 10 surrounding boroughs)
  • Employ less than 250 staff but more than 3
  • Turnover is less than 50 million Euros
  • Not have exceeded 200,000 Euros in State Aid in a rolling 3-year period
Would you like to develop and grow your knowledge in the following topics?
  • The role a manager takes to ensure business growth and continued people development
  • What your natural leadership style/behaviour says about you?
  • Understanding personalities, behaviours within teams
  • What high performing teams look like?
  • Embedding and translating business growth ideas into an action plan
  • The skill of feedback to ensure continuity and consistency across teams
  • Identifying barriers that hinder communication
  • Developing plans to achieve your vision of growth
If yes, then get in touch as places are limited. The programme is delivered on the following dates:17th and 18th October - 3 places remain7th and 8th November -7 places remain11th and 12th January – 9 places remainRegister your placeIf you want to register please call Jude Honeyman on 07507 113567 or the Total Excellence Centre on 0844 815 4818. You can also register your interest for a call back via
Total Excellence have been providing highly engaging, innovative, learning & development programmes for over 20 years. Their courses are available to SME's and large multi-national organisations throughout the UK and Overseas.

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