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How your business can make a difference with renewable energy

Wednesday, November 25 at 09:30

Chris Gunton, Assistant Church Warden of All Saints’ Church, explains how the switch to renewable energy has not only saved them money, but has helped them achieve their goals of becoming an environmentally-responsible example within the community.
Many of us view churches as pillars of the community – there from as far back as we can remember and institutions of tradition. Churches are just like all other small businesses in many ways - and at All Saints’ Church, it’s crucial that we keep our overheads as low as we can.The building is 150 years old and lined with delicate wall and chancel ceiling paintings, it can take a lot of energy to maintain a temperature. We were keen to become a more environmentally-friendly business and fulfil our ambition of being responsible energy consumers and also to ensure as much of our funds as possible are used to help the community and charities locally, nationally and internationally.We investigated a wide range of energy conservation measures - from the simple policy of turning lights off when leaving rooms, to changing old lamps for LED wherever possible in our church halls. We are even looking into the possibility of installing solar panels on our church halls and the church itself!The solution to the problem we faced was simple and green: we started using renewable energy.Using clean energy has threefold benefit for our small business: the church. It reduced our impact on the environment, it sets a good example within the community and it reduced our utility costs.In using renewable energy we wanted to set a positive example to the congregation and other small businesses in the town that it was possible to be environmentally friendly and a small business. This is something we believe is akin to the community ethos of Small Business Saturday. With the big day fast approaching, it’s a great time to be aware of what you can do for others in your community (to find out about other small businesses you can reach out to, use their Small Business Finder tool).Now, thanks to a little time and effort, our church now runs on purely responsibly-sourced energy; an easy step any business can take to be a little more conscious of their carbon footprint.If you get a little creative, there are even more ways you can become as green as possible! In the long term we’d also explore the option of generating our own power via solar panels or even a wind turbine. This is an option that many small businesses with spare land take up – the energy produced can be used to power your own resources, while any spare can be sold on.The money we save on our energy bills by using these methods, and aiming for these long term methods, means we have more of our funding and resources left, which can be put into local causes and charities. To find out more about the work we’re up to at All Saints’ Church, Ascot, visit our website here.

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