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If you are a Small Business, You Need Social Media

Tuesday, February 03 at 15:59Customer Service | Social Media

Social media allows any small business to compete with larger enterprises. An entrepreneur can easily increase sales and profit margins by effectively using the social media channels.

The Competition is starting to get Ahead

It is easy to deal with the other guy when you can see him. Competition may not be in the neighbourhood or a few blocks away. In fact, a competitor for a small business maybe hundreds of miles away. Social media is allowing that competitor to establish brand awareness in your backyard. The social media platforms allow for networking content almost everywhere, attracting a multitude of new customers. Research has shown that 75% of all Americans online are influenced by private information coming from social media. They also are developing brand loyalty to what they have discovered. No less than one third of customers are saying that the social networks are how they discover new products.

More people are shopping and making transactions from their smart phone. They may be miles away from the store, but technology allows them to make a purchase. This means that a customer buying from your business is someone you will perhaps never physically meet, and lives in another part of the world. That is how powerful social media is in today’s commerce.

Why Not Use the Tools to Succeed?

You may be spending a lot of money on advertising, but you can be even more efficient by using the right tools. Social media permits you to cut your marketing and advertising budget substantially. You simply have to use the means provided online. A tool such as SocialCentiv will allow you to search Twitter for new customers. You can even use metrics such as your community to narrow down the search (This tool has a seven day free trial). You can easily integrate a social network into your e-commerce website when you use something like Pushup Social. Managing a number of social media accounts is a piece of cake when you have a dashboard such as Hootsuite. The more you look at all of the aids and the support the social media channels provide, using social media is not a problem and there’s a chance for strong profits.

Social Media can be local and Fun

You may not want to tour the globe to find customers and that is all right. There are local social media devices that can really help. You can register with Foursquare for location based searches, and the consumer boards like Yelp are able to provide great testimonials from your satisfied customers. You have a great opportunity also to connect with people and improve on the customer service that you are already providing. The same loyal customers you appreciate can actually help by referring their Facebook or Twitter followers to you. This is traditional word-of-mouth advertising multiplied by the hundreds. The phrase “Please Retweet” can send scores of referrals to your company. You spend a lot of time and effort trying to get the word out about your business and your products. The social media networks not only save money, but literally hours of time.

This can be fun. Social media relies a lot on relationships and the human touch. You may have developed that over the years, and you can strongly benefit from your personality on social media. All it takes is for you to decide what social media platforms you would like to be on and develop a strategy. There is no reason to be satisfied with just the status quo. The modern business world holds some amazing opportunities. You can profit from social media if you use it. Those who do are going to be very pleased with the amount of new business which comes flowing in.

By David Miller 

David is an educational researcher who has several years of experience in the field of teaching, online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organisations. Currently, he is pursuing research in online knowledgebase software and is also a contributing author with ProProfs.


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