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Is Beer Brewing The Next Big Thing For The Hospitality Industry?

Thursday, June 16 at 16:32

Beer brewing is the perfect activity for corporate events and team building, for so many reasons. The most important of which, is that it’s unique. Not only is the activity itself different to the norm, beer brewing company, Brew Club, is also one of a kind. The classes, the brewing options, and the style that the company has, is what makes it standout.
When arranging entertainment for a corporate event, or a team building activity for your employees, it can be a struggle finding that perfect option. You want it to be fun and enjoyable, but you also want it to come with a challenge, so that those involved start to build bridges with each other. Sadly, there are only so many times when group games or abseiling are going to be effective.
When it comes to corporate entertainment, if you want to keep your audience entertained, you need to think outside of the box. This is, without a doubt, an overused phrase. However, when it comes to corporate entertainment, it is most certainly apt.
There is no tougher audience to please than attendees at a business conference or event, or your employees when it comes to team building. Veterans from years of conferences or team building events will know what was done last year, and the year before, and the year before that. If you want to please them and make an impact, you need to present them with something new. That is why something like beer brewing works so well - as an activity it’s innovative, quirky, and most importantly, engaging. It’s not another Jacob’s ladder challenge, it’s so much more than that.
There are very few people who don’t love a cool, refreshing beer. It’s this that makes beer brewing as a corporate activity such a fantastic idea, and of course, the fact that it’s an exceptional bonding exercise, also helps. Learning a new skill as part of a group, bonds you to the people you’re sharing the experience with. These are the people you’ll be swapping ideas with, giving tips to, and having a laugh with over the interesting smells your brewing beer creates.
The thing about food and drink is that it has a unique ability to help us strengthen our relationships with others. Whether we’re eating it or making it, we as humans have a habit of chattering away to whoever else we’re with. Food and drink relaxes us and gives us a sense of security - according to psychologists that is, leading to us lowering our guard when food or drink is our main focus. That’s why, the classes that Brew Club offer, are such a perfect activity for team building or corporate events. They get people talking, bringing the fences down and opening the channels for easy and comfortable communication.
Unlike some corporate hospitality activities, beer brewing is interesting. Like sports activities that are a common trend in team building and event activities, it offers a challenge. The difference being that something brand new is being taught, not something that most of the people taking part will already have done before. Because it’s an activity that’s new, it makes it more interesting and engaging, and allows people to relate more easily to one another as everyone is in the same boat having never tried brewing beer before.
Entice your corporate event guests or employees with a beer brewing class that gives them the chance to learn a new skill, work together, and have some fun. 
Brew Club, a different kind of brewery where people can brew their own beer, was founded in 2015 by Rob Berezowski and Jo Llewellyn-Jones, when they ran out of room to brew beer at Rob’s flat. 

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