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Music makeover

Tuesday, February 09 at 16:37

We spoke to PRS about an exciting competition for small business pubs they are re-launching in 2016: Music Makeover!"PRS for Music’s Music Makeover competition launched in 2000 with the specific aim of helping pubs with their live music offer.Independent research has shown that pubs using live music increased their revenue by 9 percent compared to pubs without live music*. In a time where pubs are struggling, a live music offer can be vital.Most of PRS for Music’s top members started their careers playing in small live music venues which is why PRS for Music feels so passionately about the value live music can bring. The Music Makeover competition helps the winning pubs reap the rewards of live music in their venues.The competition has annually rewarded a winning UK pub with a Music Makeover comprising a £10,000 prize alongside a bespoke music consultancy from a leading expert and is celebrated with a high profile event featuring performances from key PRS for Music members.For 2016, PRS for Music is working alongside key trade titles to promote the winning prize of a £10,000 makeover alongside second and third places (£5,000 Music Makeover and £2,500 Music Makeover respectively). Historically, the prize money has been spent on new live equipment or installing a high-end sound system with previous winners quickly seeing the positive impact on both their takings and reputation as a live music venue.Ed & Elisha Sproat, landlord & lady of The Hickory Inn, Tiverton, Devon – 2015 winners“There is no way we would’ve had this opportunity without PRS for Music. We wouldn’t have gotten to this stage so quickly – a lot of bands don’t have the ability to bring in equipment like this. It will be a real positive thing to get bands that haven’t performed in many venues before.”As well as the cash prize, PRS for Music organises an exclusive event in the winning pub featuring key PRS for Music members. Last year’s winning event featured live performances from rock band Brother & Bones and indie/pop band D.I.D (Dog Is Dead) creating a large buzz around the venue.Rich Thomas, Brother & Bones’ lead vocalist “Small venues and pubs are where everything starts. Doesn’t matter if you’re Led Zeppelin or whoever the bands are throughout history, you don’t start at Wembley - hopefully this will be encouragement for other bigger organisations to do the same. With the help of PRS for Music, Ed & Elisha can help passionate musicians in pubs, they can try and get more bands and music through the door.”So do you think your pub would benefit from a Music Makeover? To enter you need to:1. Have a valid PRS for Music licence2. Submit a 60 second video telling us why your pub would benefit from a £10,000 Music Makeover (the video can be filmed on a phone – it’s what you say that counts)For full details on how to enter, including previous winner information and full terms & conditions, please go to: is Friday 25th March at 5pmAbout PRS for MusicPRS for Music is a society of around 1154,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers – its members. It represents the rights of these members by licensing organisations to play, perform or make available music. It then distributes royalties to those members and societies fairly and efficiently.*Research conducted by CGA Strategy Limited on behalf of PRS for Music showed that wet-led pubs with live music, when compared to similar pubs without live music, experienced an increase of 9 percent in additional revenue over the year due to its live music offer (of no more than once a month).* The report can be found on

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