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The Importance of Customer Service

Thursday, October 12 at 09:00

Over the last decade the great British high street has become a place of uncertainty for many small businesses. The effects of the recent recession and a move towards online shopping have meant even some high street giants such as Mothercare and Jaegar have struggled to stay afloat.
The rise in Internet shopping has most certainly resulted in the reduction of footfall on the high street as people increasingly look for speed and convenience in a retail experience. However, the ceremony surrounding a leisurely day out browsing the local shops is lost online, as is the ability to easily discuss a purchase with knowledgeable staff. The advantage small high street businesses have over their online counterparts lies in recognising the importance of excellent customer service and ensuring that they create an enjoyable shopping experience fuelled by more than purely a desire to sell.  
As a jewellery store, customers come to us looking for a variety of items or services, be it a special gift for a loved one, an engagement ring for a perfectly planned proposal or a simple watch repair. At the heart of our ethos is excellent customer service and we believe that this is one of the reasons our business has thrived for 70 years.
Good customer service expectations will vary depending on what you are purchasing, but there are some basic rules that can help to ensure when someone walks through your door they enjoy the best retail experience possible.
Adapt and react
Although on one hand ignoring visitors to your store is a big no, many shops can put off customers by being a little too pushy and enthusiastic with their communication. People often need time to soak in their environment and feeling like they are being watched or engaging in unwanted communication can result in a quick exit.
Remember that each customer is different and will therefore be after different things in their required service. Generally speaking if someone is standing in your shop looking a little lost, or has glanced your way a few times, it is a good idea to go over and ask them if you can help in any way. The best way to ensure you keep people coming back is to be alert, treat each customer as an individual and not adapt a one size fits all approach to customer care.
Be an expert in your field
One of the biggest benefits of shopping the high street is the ability to easily take advantage of the knowledge of the staff. From the one day a week Saturday temp to your store manager, educating your staff about your product, company ethos and customer service policy is vital. They are the face of your brand so it is important that they can confidently answer questions and deal with any queries quickly and efficiently.
Small businesses thrive on positive word on mouth. If what you are selling is quality, your customer service excellent and staff members knowledgeable, your reputation will grow and customers will start to seek you out.  
About the Author - Richard Warrender is a Director at independent jewellery business, Warrenders. Having celebrated their platinum anniversary this year, the family-run firm understands that quality jewellery and excellent customer service are amongst the reasons that it has remained a firm favourite on the high street for 70 years.

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