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Networking: how do you feel about it?

Wednesday, September 16 at 12:28
Networking | Women

Karen Campbell, Group Leader for networking group Fabulous Women & Marvellous Men gives some tips for a successful networking eventWe’ve all got good and not-so-good stories of networking haven’t we? One of my first networking experience was turning up to an established coaching networking session and, as a newly qualified coach, I was eager to make professional contacts and be part of the coaching world. The reality was that I spent the two hours having people squinting at my impossibly small name badge, judging my newly acquired title and demanding to know my coaching credentials. I’ll admit it isn’t my favourite networking memory….Since then I have been lucky enough to be part of a really supportive and collaborative networking group: Fabulous Women (and Marvellous Men). Already established in West and South London, the group is full of like-minded people who have come together to share business ideas in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With guest speakers, coaching sessions and a truly collaborative attitude, the business sharing flows. And we have cake!I am lucky enough to be launching the North London arm of Fabulous Women this Friday (18th September) which has been a great honour. We have sourced an affordable venue - working with a great space at the Green House in Newington Green ( and we are looking for fabulous business people to join us.For more details and to book for either this Friday’s meet or one of our future ones (takes place every third Friday of the month) please go to: or contact me at:

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