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3 Positive Impacts Marketing Automation Can Have on Your Small Business

Thursday, February 26 at 12:35Marketing | Sales

Marketing automation is technology that allows you to nurture leads through automated campaigns. It helps you build on your existing marketing efforts such as CRM system and email marketing to produce superior results and help you secure more customers.#1 EfficiencyIn a small business environment, the most precious resource is time. Your sales department (or you!) will need to produce the most high-quality leads, nurture them and help them through the sales process in the least amount of time. By automating sales and marketing campaigns, your organization can take the manual work out of crafting each individual email.  You can create an automation campaign in a few hours and then let it run on autopilot and do the work for you. Marketing automation helps your business become better-organized and more efficient.#2 Supercharge your sales cycleMarketing automation can save the sales people a lot of time. For a sales person, there’s no bigger waste of time than chasing down a lead that isn’t ready to make a purchase yet. Marketing automation takes this out of the equation by nurturing the leads for you.A carefully crafted and well-timed automation campaign, send the lead the correct content just when they need it.In addition, marketing automation can help you avoid sales leakage aka potential customers dropping off the sales cycle before they have made a purchase. While it’s not always possible to eliminate all sales leaks, incorporating marketing automation in your onboarding process will help your sales team and your business significantly outperform businesses who simply give up on leads once they’ve dropped off.#3 Generate more revenueUltimately, marketing automation is a tool, that if used right, can more than pay for itself. Here are the official numbers:•Businesses who’ve adopted automation enjoy higher return on their marketing investments and 451% increase in qualified leads. (Source: The Annuitas Group)•Company experiences with sales and marketing automation enjoy an increase in revenue by 77% and 53% higher conversion ratesMarketing automation is a relatively new technology, but it offers many opportunities for business growth, enabling small companies with limited resources to compete with larger organizations. Because the features of marketing automation extend well beyond those of email marketing, so do the benefits. By integrating your website, CRM, and other tools, marketing automation not only saves time, but also makes your efforts more effective bringing you tremendously better results.About the author:Didi Zheleva is a Content and Digital Marketing Executive at InTouch CRM - a web based sales and marketing software provider. We believe that good marketing doesn't need to be too costly or too complicated! 


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