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How to: Apply for Small Biz 100

Thursday, June 04 at 14:37
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Hello!We're thrilled you're interested in applying for the Small Biz 100 in 2015.Our online application process is really simple- but here is a step-by-step process to save you all some time.In our portal we have: Small Biz 100 & My Small Business Finder.Small Biz 100 is the opportunity to apply to be one of our 100 small businesses profiled in the 100 days before December 5th: Small Business Saturday. It is absolutely free and any kind of small business can apply.STEP ONEGo to our website, and click on the Small Biz 100 tab at the top. You will then see this and you need to click the big blue 'Apply for Small Biz 100' button.
Then you will see these two boxes:
Fill in your company email address (a confirmation email will be sent here so make sure you can access it right away). Also have a look through our standard T&Cs to make sure you're happy and tick the box, and click Register.
Next you'll see this green box pop-up box. As it says, an email will come to the address you provided shortly. They do sometimes get caught up in a Junk folder, so check there for your confirmation email.
You should receive an email with the following text:
Although the link looks a bit long and confusing- it's a super secure link meaning all your details stay with us. Click on the link!
You will be taken to this page:
Please then set a password- all the usual tips apply of use a combination of letters and number. 
Passwords are case sensitive!
Once you're happy with your password, please click Set Password.STEP FIVENext you will get to this page:
To apply for Small Biz 100 in 2015 you need to complete:
  • Profile Tab
  • Account Tab
  • AND My Small Biz 100 Application
As you can see in the orange bubble- one of us at Small Business Saturday needs to verify your account before it is fully active. Once we have verified your small business this orange bubble will no longer be there. Hooray! This doesn't however stop you from completing your application.
Then start filling in all your info into the first PROFILE tab:
In the ACCOUNT tab- you will see two switches. 
The first one- My Small Business Finder- relates to a search option we will have live further towards Small Business Saturday on December 5th. If you don't wish to be included and have your business put on a map for consumers to use, with any deals or offers you may be offering on the day- please turn the switch off. You can, of course, change this at any time. 
The second switch- our Newsletter. If you don't wish to receive our Newsletter, please turn the switch off. Again, you can change this at any time. 
And last but not by all means least...Your Small Biz 100 Application!
We ask you to answer five questions and upload a video to apply to Small Biz 100 this year. 
Finally- click the big blue apply button at the end. 
Please note there is no email confirmation from your application- we will review all applications to Small Biz 100 and successful applicants will be notified by email at the beginning of August. 
Don't worry that we haven't received it- it all goes into our database which we check everyday. 
Thank you!

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