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How to: brand your small business

Monday, June 22 at 15:50
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A brand is more than just a logo or trademark; it refers to the overall experience that a consumer has with a business and its product or service. The branding process involves a company’s name, sign or symbol, and is an important aspect of attracting and retaining loyal customers. A strong brand adds value and credibility to your business. Here’s some top tips on how to make sure your small business branding is on point:Good Strategy PlanBranding doesn’t just involve the visual elements, but rather the entire experience of doing business with your company. This includes everything that a customer would encounter, from the website and social media presence to the customer service experience. This too can be a part of branding, if your staff answer the phone in a unique and positive way!Get RecognisedBranding is often the first and last thing that a customer experiences. People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with and brands that they recognise. You want your brand to resonate in your customer’s minds to secure a repeat sale.Generate New CustomersA strong brand can expect to generate new customers through positive referrals- word of mouth can be the most important form of brand promotion. A customer can’t recommend your service or product to a friend without mentioning its name!Stand Out From The CrowdIn 2015, a business is in a market with local and national organisations and global ones too. How can a company stand out from the other organisations doing business? Strong branding is even more necessary in a competitive environment and to ensure your small business gets the customers it deserves.Strong BrandingOnce you have created a brand strategy, it’s time to build on it. A good place to start is by selling the brand internally. As soon as you have your employees sold on the brand, they themselves can begin selling externally. It’s no secret that it’s far easier to sell a brand that you believe in, so get your staff believing.
Tony Baxter is Director of Voodoo Design, creating and managing branding, design and signage for a number of businesses. If you want learn more about how branding can help you, visit Tony’s website Voodoo Design.

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