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Should I ShopShare?

Wednesday, May 13 at 16:13
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We Are Pop Up’s ShopShare is an opportunity for you to rent out part of your shop, from a rail, a table, shelf or a concession, or even the whole shop. This enables shops, brands and customers to collaborate and pool resources. It does what it says on the tin — share your shop!Every ShopShare is unique and brings endless possibilities for retail partnerships. This kind of collaboration is perfect for you if you have an available shop corner or counter and want to:

Try something new

By introducing new brands and concepts into your space you can create a buzz for the store itself. For example, the team at Glassworks, a women’s clothing store with shops in Shoreditch and Dalston, have now hosted over 12 fashion and accessories ShopShare popups, creating a real fashion destination for women.Lauren Lewis, Director of the Glassworks Studios, explains how hosting a pop up “injects a sense of excitement and change, which customers really react well to. We learn from every brand that is in store, and it can be the start of a longer partnership.”

Generate some extra revenue

By embracing different projects you not only get to have a fresh face in your space, you also get the added bonus of some additional rent. Creating this additional revenue stream is easy as there is no upfront investment and you are completely in control.You can rent out your space by the day, week or month- and if it’s going well, it’s easy to extend the booking. All of We Are Pop Up’s rental agreements are underpinned by commercial-grade booking agreements so both parties are protected, making ShopShare a risk-free way to test new concepts quickly in your shop.

Get to know your customer base

Collaborating with new brands means you can learn more about your customers — what they like, or what they don’t like, and how much they are willing to spend in store. You can respond quickly to trends and changing tastes by offering consumers a unique and exciting experience in partnership with other brands.

Support small businesses

Just in time for Small Business Saturday 2014, Petit Miracles launched a retail hub in December 2014 to local acclaim, offering local entrepreneurs affordable retail ShopShare pop up space inside the West12 shopping centre.Founder Elisicia Moore says “It has been designed to give people a chance to become retailers, and it bridges the current gap in retail space to support small businesses.” The Hub is a true community, supporting the entrepreneurial spirit — it shows just how beneficial ShopShare can be to both the brands and to your shop.
Examples of We Are Pop's ShopShare collaborations

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