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Successful HR for Small Businesses

Tuesday, April 14 at 11:12

Approaching human resources correctly is essential for all successful businesses. While larger companies are able to employ a whole HR department to handle company policies, employee data and hiring, small businesses face more challenges in this area. For small businesses to ensure that their HR is done successfully, they need to consider their needs and put strategies in place to meet them.In-House HRNew and small businesses often find that an in-house HR professional is not necessary for their company. However, businesses should not ignore HR priorities. In this instance, many small businesses who have less than 50 or so employees allocate HR tasks among other members of the team. For example, an admin worker may be involved in the hiring process and another worker may be responsible for managing staff holidays. Some small businesses may opt for one-off consultations with HR professionals, especially regarding legal policies, to ensure that they are on track.HR SoftwareAs a small business grows, managing all of the day-to-day HR tasks between other team members can become a challenge. In this instance, HR software can lighten the load. HR software for monitoring absences from work, planning staff leave, recording salary history, keeping health and safety records, as well as providing online training where needed, can easily reduce the time spent on these tasks. For businesses who employ remote workers, there are HR software options for time tracking, task management, online calls, meetings, invoicing and so on.Outsourcing HRAnother option for growing businesses to consider is outsourcing their HR tasks. Outsourcing can give businesses access to skills and knowledge that they might not otherwise have and allow managers to focus on their core business. For businesses who do not require an in-house HR professional but are finding that allocating tasks to other team members is negatively affecting productivity, outsourcing can still keep costs low while ensuring all the necessary HR work is taken care of. There are a variety of HR responsibilities which can be outsourced, the most common of which are legal services, payroll, recruitment and pensions.
Author Bio: Stuart Hearn has 20 years experience in the HR sector. He co-founded plusHR, a leading UK HR consultancy, and previously worked as International HR Director for Sony Music Publishing. Stuart is currently CEO of OneTouchTeam, an online staff leave planner and HR system for small businesses. 


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